Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

- Lao Tzu

Roots 2 Rise Outdoors offers exploratory programs that are child-led and play-based. These programs take place in ravines and forests throughout Toronto and surrounding areas. Our programs offer a space for children to develop a love of learning and connection to the natural world.


Through a consistent daily rhythm we incorporate elements of storytelling, exploration, group games, creative art experiences, songs, journalling, mindfulness, open-ended play, and time to slow down to tune into the natural world.

We offer mixed age groups which provide incredible opportunities for children to learn from each other organically.  The fluid nature of our programs provide space for each child to meet their own unique needs and opportunities to explore their own interests.  Space to learn how to connect with each other and the natural world through play.


Current Location:  Cedarvale Ravine, Toronto  


2 to 3.5 Years Old

Child & Caregiver Program

Autonomy and


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4 to 6 Years Old

Educator Facilitated

Curiosity and


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6 to 8 Years Old

Educator Facilitated

Critical Thinking and Confidence

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8 to 10 Years Old

Educator Facilitated

Self-Expression and


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Our educators value independence, compassion and developing an understanding of each other and the world.  We use a strengths based approach and value each individual for who they are and where they are at.  Our programs build in knowledge about the natural world, continuous opportunities that spark curiosity and spaces for creative expression.  

There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.

- Ranulph Fiennes

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Safety is Our Priority!

We implement ongoing comprehensive risk management assessments and health and safety protocols. We value running programs in all weather throughout all seasons and take necessary precautions to do this safely.  We are grateful to experience four distinct, beautiful seasons in Ontario and understand that this sometimes brings extreme weather situations that would compromise safety. These circumstances and procedures, alongside our emergency protocols, are outlined in our information package that is sent out to all families. We prepare families and the groups on how to dress appropriately and prepare for all weather to ensure safety and comfort.

All of our staff are CPR and First Aid trained.

Our group sizes consist of 6 to 10 children with 2 staff present in the drop off programs.  This high staff to child ratio ensures continuous attention and mitigation of unsafe or unkind situations.  Our high ratio gives individuals the opportunity to have focused attention from our educators, learning how to assess the risks at hand to make informed safe decisions.

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Roots 2 Rise Outdoors is growing, we are dedicated to providing programs that are accessible and available to you in your neighbourhood.  We are currently operating out of central Toronto locations, and plan to expand into new locations in the near future.   A minimum of 8 children is required to start a program in your area, and a minimum of 6 children for the caregiver/child programs. 

Inquire about our private program options.

To walk into nature is to witness a thousand miracles.

- Mary Davis

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