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 COVID 19 Protocols

UPDATED as of January 31st, 2022

Roots 2 Rise Outdoors has a vested interest in the safety of all participants and our larger community’s health and well being.  We will take appropriate steps to ensure the risks due to COVID-19 are mitigated to the best of our abilities.  We will continue to stay up to date on all latest COVID-19 development and will maintain clear communication with families on an ongoing basis.  The following protocols will be implemented throughout all of the programs which have been recommended by Toronto Health; however, doing so offers no guarantee that you or your child will not be exposed to COVID -19.

These guidelines are subject to change according to the latest government regulations. 


  • Group sizes will continue to be small (12 children maximum.)

  • Programs are always facilitated outside - See weather guidelines for unfavourable conditions. 

  • Outdoor play naturally encourages physical distancing.   

  • Instructors will ensure hand sanitizer is available and used throughout the program.

  • Masks  - At this time masks will be subject to personal preference, and will not be required during the program.

  • Each participant will be asked to bring their own materials (list provided) for them to use throughout the duration of the programs (Clipboard, crayons. etc.) 

  • If a child or a family member has had contact with or has experienced any symptoms at all they will not be permitted to attend the program until cleared by a professional with a negative test for COVID -19 (Screening checklist provided.)

  • If a child has travelled outside of the country, they will need to provide a negative  COVID -19 test before returning to the program. (If they did not isolate for the 14 day period.)

  • Please let us know if your child has seasonal allergies or asthma which may appear like COVID -19 symptoms.

  • If a participant falls ill while they are in a program, they will be isolated from the rest of the group. Caregivers will be contacted to pick up the participant immediately and the participant will not be able to return until they have received a negative test result and/or clearance from a medical professional.

  • Physical distancing may not be possible in situations such as providing first aid, managing participant behaviour and emotions, during safety and emergency situations or in inclement weather. 

  • Each child will bring their own snacks, water, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen.  Hand sanitizer will be encouraged throughout the program.

  • Participants will not be permitted to share food or personal items.

  • If participants are unable or unwilling to follow these guidelines/or their behaviour puts staff or other participants at risk, warnings will be issued to the participant and their parents. If the participant’s behaviour does not improve after positive behaviour management, they may be asked to leave the program.


REFUNDS/CANCELLATIONS - COVID -19 (Please see the information package for other circumstances.)

  • If your program is cancelled due to the government guidelines of returning to less than 5 people outdoors, you will be refunded for the weeks/days that are cancelled. 

  • If you need to miss a day for any reason, Roots 2 Rise Outdoors will not be able to provide you with a refund for missed weeks. 

  • If Roots 2 Rise Outdoors has to cancel a day due to a positive COVID -19 case we will do our best to provide a make up day, although that is not guaranteed and no refunds will be provided. 

  • Roots 2 Rise Outdoors will notify all families of the participants in the group if a positive case is reported in the group, or if an instructor of the group tests positive for COVID -19. 

  • If a participant is positive for COVID -19, the participant will need to follow the most recent government guidelines regarding quarantine) before returning to the program. 

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